Thursday, February 22, 2007

A Letter from former Foster Kai


My name is Kai. I was a rescue. A great lady named Wendy took me in and took care of me and in time introduced me to my new mom. At first I didn’t really believe that she loved me and wanted to be with me forever so we had some problems. One night when I was sick from my shots, I lost my temper and bit her real bad, I thought my life was over then but she really did love me and forgave me despite the stitches she had to get.

Now I have a Mom that loves me, really understands my fears, enjoys my sense of humor and appreciates how intelligent I am. I have a nice home to play in, a big run to go out into during the day, a huge yard to play with Mom in each morning and evening, dozens of toys I get to chose, and cool stuff like steak and chicken to eat for dinner.

My mom got me a thing called a credit card and something called an allowance. She takes me to PetsMart and Home Depot and I buy anything I want. I have a truck with a special seat just for me so I can see out the windows and Mom takes me riding in it two or three times a week. A few weeks ago she took me to a place called The Bank and showed me how to put my credit card into a box and push on these little square buttons and something called money came out of the box. The money smelled like other people, but I found out I could take it to any place like McDonalds and KFC and give it to the person in the window and they’d give me hamburgers or chicken, it’s pretty cool!

I now have my own thing called a suitcase that all of my new clothes go into, it has my name on the front of it to show it’s mine. I don’t much like the clothes but Mom tells me how handsome I look in them, and the new coat has been nice on cold days. The thing I really like is called a raincoat. When it is all rainy and wet outside, Mom puts it on me and I can go out and stay dry, I like that a lot!

At night after dinner I stretch out on my sofa and watch something called TV. It is a huge magic window where all kinds of things happen. I really like looking out that window! Sometimes people walk by with different kinds of food, there are lots of other dogs, cats and birds outside the magic window, but I especially like it when the people they call CSI show up. They do real interesting things and somewhere out there really exciting music plays.

I get real annoyed at Mom when she pushes a button on a little box and the CSI people start talking real quiet. She does that when she wants to talk at a little box that she calls a phone. Sometimes I hear another voice in the phone talking back to her, what’s that all about? I bark at the voice telling it to shut up so I can hear the CSI people, but the voice just starts talking to me, too. I hate that phone and keep throwing it on the floor. I tried hiding it under the sofa the other night but it started making noise and Mom found it. She just looked at me, laughed and shook her head and started talking to the phone.

Sometimes I get to go with Mom to a place she calls work. I have lots of fun there! There are a bunch of people and they all come to see me and tell me how handsome I am, like I didn’t already know that! I am gracious though and accept their compliments and let them pet me. It’s hard work being so admired but what can I do, it pleases Mom when I am friendly to people and since they have the good taste to adore me, I can tolerate them for a while.

At night I sleep in my big Queen size bed with Mom and I have my own satin cover that she will put over me when I get cold. I snuggle up next to Mom and she pets me until I fall asleep. When I wake up in the morning she lets me bring my squeak toys onto the bed and we play catch and wrestle with them before she goes to that place called work. A couple of days a week she doesn’t even go to that work place and we play in the yard or go for a ride, or a walk or even shopping.

For my second birthday Mom took me to a place called a studio and a very nice lady who told me how handsome I am took lots of pictures of me and a few of me and Mom. Mom also took lots of pictures of me on my birthday and at Christmas. She says it’s because I’m such a gorgeous boy (of course). Here are some of the pictures to show what my life is like since I found Mom.

Sometimes I miss my friends at Wendy’s house but I’m not complaining, Mom will play with me any time I want and we have a great time. I know at last I have someone who really loves me, even if I do a bad thing sometimes.

If you are a rescue, don’t give up. I know there have to be other Moms and maybe Dads out there who will love you as my Mom loves me and it’s worth waiting for, you’ll see.

I have to go now as it’s almost time for Mom to come home and I want to meet her at the door with hugs and kisses so she’ll know how glad I am that we found each other.

Good luck,

For more wonderful pictures and info on Kai's new life go to


At 5:04 PM , Blogger Zuri and Ray said...

Hi Kai,

Welcome to your forever home from Zuri and Rami. I (Rami) was a rescue too. I joined my forever home when I was 8 months old. Zuri was already there. She was 8 weeks old when she joined the family. My previous owner left me alone all day and I got into lots of chewing trouble. I'm thriving now. I've been to lots of dog classes and am very smart but I don't like too many other dogs except Zuri. Have growling issues. But I have a big yard and two cats and I go for lots of walks. The only thing I would change is having a needle in my neck every two weeks cause of allergies. Been to the specialist and take pills too. Zuri doesn't have anything wrong with her. We go for car rides too and the park. Sometimes Dad drives around the same place two times so we get enough time out the the breeze and smells. When Mom figures out how to put our pictures on this thing we will send a shot to you. We are pretty cute and get lots of ooohs and ahhs from people all the time. Zuri looks a lot like you but I am a sesame. Glad you found your forever home and consider us two new friends. Zuri and Ray from Tucson.


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