Thursday, October 26, 2006

Update on Danny and Nikki

Shiba Rescue went out today to meet the pair in foster care by Akita Rescue.

This is the sweetest pair of shibas. Danny is just a wee bit smaller then Nikki. He is an eager learner and a very happy boy that loves to run with a toy in his mouth. Nikki is outgoing and very curious.

The foster Mom brought out treats and each one sat in turn for their treat. They were fitted for collars and harnesses and never fussed.

They are running side by side with an Akita Rescue and are not fence fighting with her. In fact, the Akita is trying to play with the Shibas.

This is a wonderful pair of Shibas and we will continue to work with Akita Rescue, (AARTA), to get them placed together.


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