Wednesday, January 26, 2011

These Three Amigos Need Your Help!

These 3 shibas were seized along with 27 other dogs of various breeds and 3 cats from a hoarder (2nd offense). Check out the news story at They were living in a single wide dilapidated trailer in disgusting conditions. All of them were in tiny cages with dirty or no water and no food, sometimes for days. They were forced to stand, sit and sleep in their own waste. For these 3, that went on for EIGHT YEARS! Each have numerous old fractures along with missing and fractured teeth. The long haired shiba (Tuli) has a condition known as dry eye which went untreated eventually causing the surface of her eyes to scar. She has very little vision and the condition is irreversible. The mostly black shiba (Kieko) has suffered the most medically. He has a severe ear infection which went untreated and now he has at least 95% hearing loss. In addition he has a testicular mass which has ulcerated his skin and must feel just like he is on fire. The red shiba (Suki) also has old fractures and she too has a mass. (Perfect candidate for a therapy dog) The most impressive part of their story is not what they have been through but what they have managed to become. All 3 of these shibas are the most kind and loving dogs despite their unimaginable pain and disabilities. All they crave is a loving touch and maybe a gentle kiss or two. We had planned to network with a sanctuary for long term placement. We have since decided against it. They deserve more. We can't erase the last 8 years spent in horror but we can make sure the rest of their years are spent in a loving environment. For now though, we need everyone's help to get these angels healthy. We need monetary donations for their care. We need volunteers to come and spend time with them. Donations can be made on-line at or they can be mailed to: 4815 E. Carefree Hwy., Ste. 108-504, Cave Creek, AZ 85331. Please note on your donation that it is for the Shiba Fund. If you can volunteer some time please email me at or call me at 480-488-9298. Everyone else has let these pups down. We can't. Please consider helping. Thank you. Carrie Singer, President/FounderANIMAL GUARDIAN NETWORKA 501(c)(3) charity helping animals in need through rescue, adoption and assistance. o 602.568.5636 c


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